We offer two asthma management programs; one tailored to the unique needs of children and one for adults living with asthma.

Little AIR

The Little AIR program is a patient care program for children with asthma. Little AIR works collectively with the child, parents and physician. We work as a team to put together a coordinated plan for the child’s asthma including the day care provider or school personnel as needed.

Using one to one guidance, the goal is to teach the asthmatic child and parents:

  • How to use a peak flow meter and what the results mean
  • What are asthma triggers and how to avoid them
  • How to properly use their asthma medication
AIR Middlesex

We work with you and your physician to develop a customized treatment and follow-up plan to manage your asthma. This program offers:

  • Individual one on one assessment
  • Guidance in the use of a peak flow meter to monitor lung capacity
  • Education on how to properly use your asthma medications
  • Home assessment to determine environmental triggers.
  • Advice on how to lessen or eliminate asthma triggers.
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