Nutrition and diet play an important role in managing certain diseases.  If you have diabetes, renal disease, congestive heart failure, or other chronic conditions, proper diet and nutrition can help prevent and reduce complications. The Center for Chronic Care Management offers a medical nutrition therapy program that will help you do this successfully.  

In this program, you will work with a dietitian to: 

  • Understand special dietary considerations for your condition
  • Develop a system for monitoring your diet
  • Learn which foods to avoid
  • Learn how to be successful when dining out
  • Get recommendations for recipes that work for your condition
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Smart Tip

Cook For Your Condition

It can be hard to change your diet.  These delicious recipes will give you some ideas for how to eat in a way that is appropriate for your condition.  Because everyone's needs are different, please confirm with your dietitian whether these recipes are appropriate for you. 

Find healthy recipes here.