Talent + Technology for General Surgical Excellence

General surgeons can perform a wide variety of procedures to diagnose and treat conditions in all areas of the body. Our physicians use the latest Technology, such as the da Vinci® Robot-Assisted Surgical System, to perform precise procedures with smaller incisions and a faster recovery time. 
While our techniques are complex, our goal is simple: to get you back to your life faster, with less pain.

Areas of Expertise

General surgeons have a broad knowledge of many injuries and illnesses. The surgeries they perform include, but are not limited to:

  • Endocrine surgery, usually involving the removal of all or part of the thyroid or adrenal glands
  • Gallbladder surgery (Cholecystectomy)
  • Minor vascular surgeries (most major surgeries are performed by specialized vascular surgeons)
  • Skin and soft tissue surgeries
  • Surgery of the abdomen
  • Thoracic Surgery (Lobectomy)
  • Trauma, burns, and emergency surgery for musculoskeletal, hand, and head injuries

Da Vinci® Robot-Assisted Gallbladder Surgery

Virtually scarless, single-site gallbladder removal that reduces pain and recovery time to get you back to your life faster.
Da Vinci® Robot-Assisted Gallbladder Surgery

Traditional gallbladder removal, or cholecystectomy, is performed using a laparoscope. Doctors make three to five small incisions in the abdomen. While laparoscopy is still a minimally-invasive procedure, it can lead to scarring and pain during recovery.

However, at Middlesex Health, we are proud to offer gallbladder removal using the da Vinci® Surgical System. The da Vinci® Robot allows your surgeon to make just one incision - through the belly button - to remove your gallbladder. The use of the belly button means that you won’t be able to see a scar, and the preciseness of the surgery cuts down on your recovery time.

Da Vinci® Robot-Assisted Lobectomy Surgery

Superior vision and precision for a more effective and less painful lung cancer surgery.
Da Vinci® Robot-Assisted Lobectomy Surgery

At Middlesex Health, we are proud to offer cutting-edge Da Vinci® Robot-Assisted lobectomy surgery. A lobectomy is a form of thoracic surgery that involves the removal of a “lobe” of the lung - a piece of the lung that contains cancer.

Robot-assisted lobectomy surgery is performed through tiny incisions, which means the surgeon can avoid spreading the ribs to access the lungs. This minimally-invasive approach helps lead to less blood loss, fewer complications, shorter hospital stays, and a quicker recovery.