Middlesex Health Surgical Alliance - Middletown


About this Program

The Middlesex Health Surgical Alliance is a program of the Middlesex Health Center for Advanced Surgery. It is an innovative practice that brings together some of Connecticut's top surgeons—as well as the latest technology—so that members of the Middlesex community can access the highest quality surgical care close to home.

Additionally, Middlesex Health is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. This means that our experts have experts—our surgeons can collaborate with the world-class doctors at Mayo Clinic on your case.

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About this Location

The majority of our surgeons and other healthcare providers see patients in Middletown. We have two state-of-the art suites at 540 Saybrook Road (100A and 100B).

When you contact us by phone or request an appointment online, we will work with you to schedule a visit at the most convenient location for you, based on our providers' schedules.

Please see the "Directions & Parking" section below for details about how to find us when you arrive.

Directions & Parking

Middlesex Health Surgical Alliance - Middletown is located at: 540 Saybrook Road, Middletown, CT, 06457 Copy address to paste into Text, Email, App of choice.


The Middlesex Health Surgical Alliance is located within the Outpatient Center on Saybrook Road. We offer a large, free parking lot for all patients and visitors.

When you arrive, follow the driveway to the first stop sign. Turn right, following signs for the Surgical Alliance. Continue towards the far end of the complex and the building marked 540. You may park in any of the spaces adjacent to that building.

Please enter the 540 building (gray siding) through the covered glass doors. Once inside, there are two Surgical Alliance office suites—one to the left and one to the right. Please see the signs on the doors or the building directory to determine which side your doctor is on.